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Reach Truck Forklift Training

TGS Forklift Training Kent provides ITSSAR Accredited Reach Forklift Training in Kent for novices that have never used a Reach Forklift before or experienced Reach Forklift operators who require refresher Forklift Training in Kent. We train on all makes and models of Reach Forklifts and offer conversion training courses to to allow an operator to operate several fork lift truck types.

Reach TruckReach trucks are available with lift heights up to 40 feet, however, I don’t recommend using them over 30 feet as it becomes very difficult to place loads at that height and puts a lot of strain on the operator’s neck and eyes, a more specialist type of machine is then required such as a Man – Up VNA.

The reach truck is a narrow aisle (8′-10′) forklift truck designed specifically for racked pallet storage within warehouses. It consists of outriggers in front and telescoping forks that use a hydraulic scissors-type mechanism that allows you to pick up the load and retract it over the outriggers. This reduces the overall truck and load length, allowing you to turn in a narrower aisle. Double-deep reach trucks use an extended reach mechanism which allows you to store pallets two deep in specially designed double-deep rack. Reach trucks are designed for racking areas only and do not work for loading trucks or quickly moving loads over distances.

A Reach Forklift Truck comes in many shapes, sizes and lifting capacities whether it’s a 3 wheeled Diesel to LPG powered machines with the most common Reach Forklifts having a lifting capacity of up to 3000kgs.

3 - 5 Days

Upto 3 Candiates

2 - 3 Days

Upto 3 Candiates

1 Day

Upto 3 Candiates


Upto 3 Candiates

  • Novice : For individuals who have no experience whatsoever of operating any kind of lift truck
  • Experienced : For the experienced operator who has extensive practical experience thought has never received any form of initial training
  • Refresher : This course is designed for operators who wish to refresh their certification following expiry
  • Conversion : For certificated operators of other types of lift truck need only a 1 day conversion to move over to Reach

Course Content:

  • Course introduction and induction
  • Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 – approved code of practice
  • Operator safety and observation
  • Pre-Shift checks
  • Defect reporting procedures
  • Lift Truck stability – Engineering principles and weight assessment
  • Driving within simulated working conditions
  • Manoeuvring skills
  • Rated capacity / Load centre
  • Hydraulic system and use of the controls
  • Stacking / de-stacking – load handling skills
  • Vehicle loading and offloading
  • Refuelling and Recharging procedures including battery handling and housing
  • Theoretical examination
  • Practical examination
  • ITSSAR Certification upon Passing

Most Forklift Training in Kent can take place at customers’ premises which often makes for better training due to using the actual machine in the real working environment.

When conducting training at customers’ premises we will require the following: an open area either indoors or outdoors, a number of pallets both empty and loaded, the use of any racking if available and a room in which to carry out the theory training.